Letitia & Steve


Absolutely thrilled to sing the praises of Loved Up Creatives! From the moment we engaged with them, it was evident that we were in for something truly special. Their dedication to capturing every moment of our wedding day was remarkable, and the results were nothing short of breathtaking.

Every time we look through our wedding album, we’re transported back to that magical day, reliving each joyous moment as if it were happening all over again. And then there’s the wedding video – an absolute masterpiece! It’s not just a recording of the events; it’s a cinematic experience that tells the story of our love in the most beautiful way imaginable. The editing, the music, the pacing – everything is flawless, and we are over the moon!

We have already recommended these guys to some of our friends who are recently engaged and will continue to do so in the future!

Bride's Maids Captured by the Best Wedding photographer and videographer in Melbourne